Courses 2021-2022

Computer Science Courses 2021-2022

From Wearable Expert Systems to Wearable Evironments: Definitions, Models and Future Challenges
Speakers: Fabio Sartori, Marco Savi
Period: November/December 2021

The many facets of uncertainty in computer science
Speakers: Federico Cabitza, Davide Ciucci
Period: February/March 2022

Population-Based Optimisation Methods
Speaker: Luca Manzoni, Yuri Pirola
Period: April/May 2022

Automated Analysis of Software and Models
Speakers: Pietro Braione, Giovanni Denaro
Period: June 2022

Deep Learning
Speakers: Elisabetta Fersini
Period: July 2022

Neural Symbolic Computation
Speakers: Guido Fiorino, Rafael Penaloza, Italo Zoppis
Period: September-October 2022

Interdisciplinary courses

Steps to enrol for an Interdisciplinary Course:

  1. Go to Esse3 (
  2. Click on the burger menu at the right top corner
  3. Select “Segreteria”
  4. Select “Corsi Elettivi”
  5. Select the course you wish to enrol
  6. Select “Iscrizione corsi elettivi”
  7. Select “Iscrivi”

Note that the enrolment period of each course is different. Access the list of interdisciplinary course to be informed about the enrolment period.