PhD Thesis

Ciclo XXVI

Codecasa Daniele – “Continuous Time Bayesian Network Classifiers”
Castaldi Davide Fabio – “Network Based Simulation on HPC for Translational Medicine: an Application to Anticoagulation”
Corchs Silvia Elena – “Image Quality Assessment for Digital Documents”
Corolli Luca – “Deterministic and Stochastic Optimization for Heterogeneous Decision Phases in the Air Traffic Domain”
Furlan Axel – “Robotic Perception for Autonomous Navigation”
Maj Carlo – “Sensitivity Analysis for Computational Models of Biochemical Systems”
Panzeri Emanuele – “Enhanced XML Retrieval with Flexible Constraints Evaluation”
Rula Anisa – “Time-related Quality Dimensions in Linked Data”

Ciclo XXV

Amato Paolo – “Swarm-Intelligence Strategy for Diagnosis of Endogenous Diseases by Nanobots”
Manenti Lorenza – “Agent-Based Proxemic Dynamics: Crowd and Groups Simulation”
Beretta Stefano – “Algorithms for Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis”
Gesso Iade – “Making End-Users Autonomous in theDesign of their Active Documents”
Li Pei – “Linking Records with Value Diversity”
Mangioni Elisabetta – “Modularity for System Modelling and Analysis”
Manzoni Luca – “Dynamics of Bioinspired Computation”
Luca Panziera – “Service Matchmaking: Exploiting the Web”

Ciclo XXIV

Bernini Diego – “Architectural Abstractions for Spaces-based Communication in Responsive Environments”
Castelli Mauro – “Measures and Methods for Robust Genetic Programming”
Marini Fabrizio – “Content Based No-Reference Image Quality Metrics”
Porreca Antonio Enrico – “The Time-Space Trade-Off in Membrane Computing”
Zanoni Marco – “Data mining techniques for design pattern detection”


Calabria Andrea – Data Integration for Clinical Genomics Immagine Link Esterno
Farinaccio Antonella – Computational Intelligence Approaches: From Time Series to Data Driven Gene Regulatory Network Immagine Link Esterno
Gatti Elena – Graphical models for continuous time inference and decision maki Immagine Link Esternong
Magatti Davide – Graphical Models for text mining: knowledge extraction and performance estimation Immagine Link Esterno
Mascheroni Marco – Hypernets: a Class of Hierarchical Petri Nets Immagine Link Esterno
Mosca Ettore – Membrane Systems and Stochastic Simulation Algorithms for the Modelling of Biological Systems Immagine Link Esterno
Pinardi Stefano – Movements Recognition with Intelligent Multisensor Analysis Immagine Link Esterno
Santoro Mauro – Inference of Behavioral Models that Support Program Analysis Immagine Link Esterno

Ciclo XXII

Bianco Simone – Color Correction Algorithms for Digital Cameras Immagine Link Esterno
Bonomi Andrea – Dissipative Multilayered Cellular Automata Facing Adaptive Lighting Immagine Link Esterno
Cazzaniga Paolo – Stochastic Algorithms for Biochemical Processes Immagine Link Esterno
Comerio Marco – Web Service Contracts: Specification, Selection and Composition Immagine Link Esterno
Giordani Ilaria – Relational Clustering for Knowledge Discovery in Life Sciences Immagine Link Esterno
Maggioni Stefano – Design Pattern Detection and Software Architecture Reconstruction: An Integrated Approach based on Software Micro-structures Immagine Link Esterno
Manfredotti Cristina Elena – Modeling and Inference with Relational Dynamic Bayesian Networks Immagine Link Esterno
Merico Davide – Tracking with High-density, Large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks Immagine Link Esterno
Pastore Fabrizio – Automatic Diagnosis of Software Functional Faults by Means of Inferred Behavioral Models Immagine Link Esterno
Pirola Yuri – Combinatorial Problems in Studies of Genetic Variations: Haplotyping and Transcript Analysis Immagine Link Esterno

Ciclo XXI

Barone Daniele – Data Quality Management in Coopetitive Information Systems
Felloni Sara – Decoherence, Inaccuracy and Errors in Quantum Information Processing
Fersini Elisabetta – Probabilistic Classification and Clustering using Relational Models
Marzorati Daniele – Uncertainty Modeling in 3D Vision-based S.L.A.M.
Merelli Ivan – Analisi della correlazione fra struttura e funzionalità acromolecolare tramite descrittori locali delle superfici proteiche per lo screening nelle simulazioni di docking
Redaelli Stefano – At-a-distance Interaction in Cellular Automata and Situated Cellular Agents: the case of crowd dynamics modeling, simulation and analysis

Ciclo XX

Brandizi Marco – Managing Microarray Knowledge with the Semantic Web
Calegari Silvia – Fuzzy Ontology and Applications
Colombo Alessandro – Occlusions in 3D Face Recognition
Farina Fabio – Self-organization and Dynamic Load Balancing in Grid systems and applications
Gallini Alberto – Computational and Programming Models for Molecular-scale devices based machines
Locatelli Marco – Design of Ubiquitous Collaborative Environments Supporting Coordination and Awareness in an Integrated Way
Lorenzoli Davide – A Technique for Designing Self-Protecting Enterprise Applications
Orciari Stefano – Integration of 3G and Wireless LAN Architectures: A perspective on Authentication and Fast Handoff
Pescini Dario – Modelling, analysis and stochastic simulations of biological systems
Toscani Daniele – Probabilistic Models for Sequential Data Analysis

Ciclo XIX

Adorni Marzia – Architectural Reflection in Multichannel Adaptive Information System: Knowledge vs Guess
Bianucci Daniela – Rough Entropies For Complete and Incomplete Information Systems
Cabitza Federico – Cooperation Through Webs Of Documental Artifacts: A Framework For The Provision Of Awareness Information
Stefani Marco – Algorithms For The Analysis of Biological Sequences
Tosi Davide – Self-managed Solutions For SOA-based Applications


Brambilla Marco – Informazione, Correlazioni e Frequenze di Scarica Neuronali: sui Nuovi Costrutti Metodologici per l’Analisi di Serie Temporali in Neurofisiologia
Ciocca Gianluigi – Dynamic Visual Summaries for Video Retrieval
Colombo Ettore – Knowledge Artifacts from an Artificial Intelligence Perspective
Colombo Gianluca – Representing And Managing Designers And Engineering Core Knowledge: Ontological And Procedural Knowledge Integration
Cusano Claudio – Face Recognition using Three-Dimensional and Multimodal Images
Loregian Marco – Supporting Interaction in Contextualized Knowledge sharing
Mosca Alessandro – A theoretical and Computational Inquiry into Compounding Problem
Novati Gianluca – A multispectral imaging system
Pellegri Paolo Giuseppe – Loss-less and semantic near – loss -less compression of photographic multispectral images
Splendiani Andrea – Integration of Ontologies and High – Throughput Data in Bioinformatics
Ventura Alfonso – Online Computational Algorithms for Financial Markets

Ciclo XVII

Dondi Riccardo – Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica – Computational Problems in the Study of Genomic Variations
Mariani Leonardo – Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica – Behavior Capture and Test: Dinamic Analisis of Component Based System
Mereghetti Paolo – Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica The Management of Structured Case-Bases: a Distributed Architecture for Organizational Memory
Mosca Roberto – Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica – Computational Methods for the Analisis of Genomic Data
Sartori Fabio – Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica – Complex Knowledge Structure Management: a Conceptual and Computational Framework Based on CBR
Trentini Andrea – Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica – Reflective Quality of Service Management in the Real-Time Performers Architecture
Vizzari Giuseppe – Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica – Dynamics interaction Spaces and Situated Multi-Agent Systems: from a Multi-Layered Model to a Distribuited Architecture