During your PhD

Information regarding all PhD courses

  • During your PhD page. This page is maintained centrally by the PhD school. You should read carefully at least the Rules in matter of PhD programmes, the PhD Guide (aka vademecum), and the list of relevant forms.

Information regarding the PhD course in Computer Science

Some of the rules contained in the guide may be different for a specific PhD programme. A PhD student in Computer Science must:

  • Obtain at least 8 ECTS from disciplinary courses and 2 ECTS from interdisciplinary courses. Each disciplinary course consists of 2 ECTS.
  • Study abroad at foreign universities or research institutes for at least 6 months.

Calendar of activities

22 February 2023 – 15:30: feedback from students representatives

6 June 2023 – 15:30: feedback from students representatives

13-20 September 2023: Annual evaluation of first and second year students: admission exam to the next year.

5 October 2023 – 15:30 feedback from students representatives

January 2024: Defence rehearsal by third year students