Research Budget available to students

Each student has a research budget available for doing research in Italy and abroad. According to the regulation of the ph.d. program, the research budget amounts approximately to 1,600€ for the second year and 1,600€ for the third year, while no budget is available during the first year. In order to cover the cost of activities of general interest for all the ph.d. students (e.g., covering travel expenses of international speakers giving lectures as part of ph.d. courses), the budget is reduced to €1,500 per year.

The ph.d. program in computer science allows for flexible spending, that is, the students are not forced to strictly follow the official timing of distribution of the budget. In particular, students have a total budget of €3,000 that can be spent during the three years of the ph.d. program. This roughly produces a budget of €1,000 per year.

The research budget is mainly meant to cover expenses during study missions or participation in conferences, seminars, schools.

The department can provide a laptop to each ph.d. student, but the laptop will not be new and it might not be adequate for your research resource-intensive needs. For this reason we expect that most of the students will get their laptop from the research groups. If necessary, the department will consider buying a new laptop — in this case the cost of the laptop will be detracted from the student’s budget. In any case, the laptops are owned by the department and are loaned to the students for the duration of their ph.d. Once a student finishes the ph.d., all loaned devices must be returned to the department.
Anyway, we discourage buying a laptop on the allotted budget, as we believe that the budget should be used for activities, such as the ones mentioned at the beginning of the document, that are of crucial importance for the growth of a ph.d. student (however, small expenses to be undertaken during the period spent in Milano – Bicocca might be covered, if not coverable by the ph.d. program of the visiting student).

The research budget is available to all ph.d. students, including ph.d. students with scholarships (funded by MIUR, by research projects and by external organizations), executive students, alto apprendistato students, and students with no scholarship. The research budget is not available to ph.d. students being part of ph.d. programs running at other universities with a co-advisor from the department of informatics, systems and communication of the University of Milano – Bicocca.

In some specific cases, the research budget might be available from the project that covers the scholarship of the student rather than from the budget of the ph.d. program. Students who are in this situation will be directly informed by the coordinator.