Disciplinary courses 2024-25

Algorithmic Non-cooperative Game Theory
Speaker: Mauro Passacantando
The course aims to provide students with a solid understanding of the theory and algorithms related to solving equilibrium problems in the context of noncooperative game theory. Program:
– Introduction to noncooperative games: normal form, dominated strategies, best response, Nash equilibrium (NE).
– Finite games: mixed strategies, existence of NE, min-max theorem, Lemke-Howson algorithm.
– Convex games: existence of NE, algorithms based on best response or merit functions, potential games. Applications to network games.
– Generalized games: existence of NE, reformulations of NE, algorithms. Applications to service provisioning problems in cloud computing systems. 
– Bilevel games: equilibrium definitions and related formulations. Applications to infrastructure and service provisioning problems in 5G networks.
– Lab: implementation (with Python/AMPL) of some algorithms illustrated during the course.

The Transformer architecture: variants and applications
Speaker: Alessandro Raganato

The aim of the course is to provide a detailed overview of the Transformer architecture together with its variants and applications. The course will
examine in depth how the Transformer works, including different recent variants and their motivations. Moreover, several applications addressed with a
Transformer architecture will be presented, such as in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Geometric Processing, Speech, and

Introduction to Knowledge Graphs
Speakers: Marco Cremaschi, Blerina Spahiu, Anisa Rula

Topics: Knowledge Representation with Graphs. Basic Knowledge Graph Infrastructure. Querying Knowledge Graphs with SPARQL. Ontologies as Key to Knowledge Representation. Ontologica Engineering for Smarter Knowledge Graphs. Intelligent Applications with Knowledge Graphs and Deep Learning.

Interdisciplinary courses

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Note that the enrolment period of each course is different. Access the list of interdisciplinary course to be informed about the enrolment period.