Instructions for using your PhD budget for a mission

This document describes the steps that you have to follow when you want to cover the cost of a mission with your PhD budget. The description of your PhD budget as well as the kind of expenses that you can pay with the budget can be found here. Beware that the order of these steps must be followed closely.
A mission can be for visiting a researcher (or a research group) from another university, for attending a conference, or for attending a school.

  1. Send an email to the PhD coordinator and the PhD deputy coordinator, with your tutor cc’ed, describing your mission, an estimate of the overall cost, and its purpose towards your research training. The goal is to help you to use wisely your budget.
  2. After your have received a positive feedback from the coordinator (or the vice coordinator), you have to fill in the on-line form to get the authorization to do the mission (see below for detailed instructions for this step).
  3. After the completion of the mission, fill in the on-line form to be reimbursed of your expenses. The list of eligible expenses can be found in the Mission rules (Regolamento Missioni).
  4. Provide the original of your expenses to the accounting office (Segreteria amministrativa)

Guide to Mission management web application (U-Gov Missioni)

  • You have to login with your credentials. When you are logged in, you will be able to access the on-line help.
  • Request type (“Tipo richiesta”): select “Missione su progetti” (that means that your mission will be paid on a research fund)
  • Responsabile Progetto (“Project leader”): select “Leonardo Mariani”.
  • Fondo di ricerca (“Research fund”): leave this field empty.
  • Regolamento (“Rules to apply”): select “Regolamento di Ateneo” (“University rules”). That means that the rules at point 4 above apply.
  • Motivazione (“Mission motivation”): you have to explain the goal of the mission (e.g. “partecipazione alla summer school ICVSS 2019” — “participation to the ICVSS 2019 summer school”).
  • Causale (“Type of Mission”): Select the appropriate type of mission, depending on the reason of your travel (e.g., basic research, applied research, training, etc.).
  • Mezzi straordinari (“Extraordinary means of travel”). The mission rules describe what those are. Shortly, you will have to fill in this part only if you want to use your own car (which is discouraged anyway).
  • Spese a preventivo (“Estimated expenses”): fill in with an estimate of the total expenses.

Guide to advance payments

If you plan sufficiently in advance, our administration can pay in advance some of your expenses:

  • travel expenses
  • registration fees. In this case you need to obtain an invoice at least 20 days before the due date for the payment (instructions)

Please refer to the Administration ( for the detailed instructions.