Choice of the Supervisor

By the end of the first year, each student has to choose his/her supervisor(s) who will be in charge of supervising the professional and scientific growth of the student. The choice of the supervisor has to be approved by the PhD board.

A supervisor can be:

  1. a professor (full, associate, or assistant) professor of the University of Milano – Bicocca
  2. a professor of another university, a researcher in a research institute or in a R&D lab of a company.

In the first case, you might have a second co-supervisor, without any restriction on his/her affiliation. In the second case, you must also have a supervisor that is a professor at the University of Milano – Bicocca. If your main supervisor is external to the University of Milano – Bicocca, you are advised to contact the Director of the Ph.D. program with your proposal of supervisors within 6 months from the beginning of your PhD.
You can have at most two co-supervisors (in addition to the supervisor).